Why Choose Us?

"Pizza is in the name at the New York Pizza & Bar in Lower Queen Anne, and there is lots of pizza on the menu, but the fries flow freely if you order one of their burgers. For a place named New York Pizza & Bar, it sure shows a lot of affection to the burger."
- Tan Vinh, Seattle Times Staff Reporter
"The pie was delicious, as were each of the appetizers, and the service and was friendly and attentive. The wait for this opening was well worth it, and I am certain we will be visiting again soon, if only to test the quality of the cherry popper martini." - NatashaReedBlog.com
"I normally don't rate fast food restaurants this high but for what they do, New York Pizza does a very good job in making pizza just a hair's breadth away from genuine New York Pizza in my opinion, but this is a delightful place with great to excellent food, good drinks, and just about anything you'd care to eat with burgers or pizza."
- Yelp Reviewer
"Hands down, my favorite place in Bellingham. I love the different themes of the weekdays and all the Happy Hour specials they offer. They have happy hour specials for drinks as well as food and it’s easy to get filled up for cheap. My favorite is Martini Monday. They are also very accommodating for large groups if you plan/call ahead." - Yelp Reviewer
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